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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Interesting, Seducible, Teachable, Engaging Moments

James Govenor pointed out a connection between my blog about Interesting Moments and Kathy Sierra's blog on Is it Interesting? (see also her discussion of the tie-in). Her angle is about engagement and delight.

Also, Joshua Porter from User Interface Engineering pointed me to an article by Jared Spool from back in 2002 on The Search for Seducible Moments.

As a parent I learned a long time ago there are times when a person is especially receptive to learning. These are called Teachable Moments. If one is prepared for those times, more can be accomplished in a few minutes that a lifetime of nagging would ever accomplish.

Putting these thoughts together, we should look for the interesting moments of interaction that open the door for us to seduce and engage our audience.

I have written about some of these moments in general. Like the thought of providing an invitation to the user through lightweight events (like hover). Getting users to review a movie by making the interaction with the movie rating control fun and engaging is one example.

I am curious, what sites, products or features have you found engaging-- or even seducing?

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Anonymous said...

what is the opposite of seducible? repugnant moments...?

I had one this morning. Recieved a nice email from the folks at asking me if i wanted to help them understand their audience better. so i thought, as yes, free service, why not.

so i went to the site

the statement "all fields required" meant that i shut the website down straightaway. end of interaction.

dont ask me to do you a favour by providing information, then start calling it required. its not required - so you're not getting it. end of...

a billiant seducible moment - the bloglines plumber. when the service was down a couple of months ago they had this great funny picture of a plumber... saying at work... simple as hell but powerful and funny...

I was in a british retailer yesterday Tesco - they have a sign that says IF you are lucky enough to look younger than 21 please do not mind if we ask for identity if you're purchasing alcohol. with about eight words they turned a warning sign into something funny and engaging.