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Monday, February 13, 2006

Yahoo! Libraries Released - Ajax & Patterns

I am excited to announce that just a little while ago, we (Yahoo!) released two new (previously internal) libraries to the public.

The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library is being released under a friendly Creative Commons License. The goal is to share common patterns we see emerging on Yahoo! We hope that by opening up our design patterns that we can both share our thinking and garner your feedback.

At the same time we are releasing the Yahoo! User Interface Library. This is an industrial strength Ajax/DHTML library that we are currently using in lots of places all across Yahoo! Its got drag and drop, animation, event management, position handling, widgets, etc. And its all under the BSD license!

And we are announcing a new blog for both of these libraries. The Yahoo! User Interface Blog discusses both of these libraries in detail. You can choose to subscribe to all of the articles there, just the design side or just the development side.

And finally, we have a Yahoo! groups forum for discussing patterns and the UI library will be part of the current Yahoo! Developer Network JavaScript forum.

Go check it out!


Bill Scott said...

Thanks. But actually the link is correct. or works.

However, I noticed that I have gotten a 500 internal server error. I am investigating with our hosting.

Eric Robert Anderson said...

This is great--I wish you lots of success!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job guys hust woke up and I was drinking my coffee when I saw this. I just can't wait to go through in details

Anonymous said...

I could not believe what my eyes were seen. I think this is one of the best news for the ajax development community as one of the top 1 internet companies releases their source code with examples and how to’s.

By the way i have tested the whole library under firefox 1.5 and Linux. It worked for me 100% properly.

Cheers Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

I find myself being allured to what is going on at yahoo. I'm wondering what executive at yahoo figured out that if they can get the ear of the web builders; they might just rule the roost. I'm so conflicted about letting go of my Google addiction...but today’s announcement is not making it easy to hold on to the past.

As for the design patterns, bravo...peddle those design patterns. I wish everyone new these by heart! A great resource to go along with these patterns would be this book.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the link to download the Patterns library? Maybe I am blind. :)

Also if anyone creates some extensive examples utilizing PHP4/MySQL, please post a link in the comments, I'll be checking back at a later time.

Anonymous said...

Bill - great stuff! I stumbled across the announcement via a /. article, and then found your blog. Looking forward to using the code. Regards, Paul Hyndman

Bill Scott said...


You can "access" the pattern library at: It is not available for download.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (code) is available for download. You can find it at:

Bill Scott said...

How are you man!

Please drop me a line via email. Let's catch up.