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Friday, November 30, 2007

Anti-Patterns: Talk at Web Builders 2007

Earlier this year I started giving talks on Anti-Patterns for Interaction Design.

What are anti-patterns?
Anti-patterns, also called pitfalls, are classes of commonly-reinvented bad solutions to problems. They are studied as a category so they can be avoided in the future, and so instances of them may be recognized when investigating non-working systems. The term originates in computer science, apparently inspired by the Gang of Four's book Design Patterns, which displayed examples of high-quality programming methods. - Wikipedia, Anti-Pattern.

I think of Anti-Patterns as pitfalls with a pithy name.

Like the software anti-pattern counterparts, the following anti-patterns are common pitfalls to avoid when designing interactions.

In the weeks months years :-) to come I will discuss a number of these anti-patterns with real-world examples.

If you are at Web Builder 2.0 in Las Vegas, NV next week I will be giving the Anti-Patterns talk there as well as my Designing the Rich Web Experience Talk (Principles & Patterns).


Unknown said...

Hi Bill, can't make it to Web Builder 2.0, but I'll be looking forward to following this thread. Congrats on the move to Netflix!

Ruchi said...

very nice....thank you for sharing...