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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Forms*

(*but were afraid to ask)
My good friend and former Yahoo! colleague, Luke Wroblewski, has just published a most excellent book called Web Form Design.

Forms are everywhere. And when something is so ubiquitous, it tends to get absorbed into the back of our consciousness. Luke takes the lowly form and shines a spotlight on form usability. This book is full of best practices, tons of examples and lots of great insight from a dozen or so other leading web practitioners.

And hey. I can get you a 10% discount. Just go to Rosenfield Media and apply the code BSCOTT. Just enter it on the last page of checkout. You will save 10% and get a great book.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill, I wouldn't have known this had come out. The irony of purchasing a book on form design via a rather confusing purchase form was not lost on me either!

Emil said...

When will see a book from you Bill with examples and all the great stuff from your talks? I understand that interaction doesn't work in printed format but you have great stuff to say in a book I think.

Bill Scott said...


Hard at work on the book! Will keep you posted.

Phil said...

This is a great book with lots of great insights, plus all of the images are on flickr to use as "ammunition" in the design of forms.