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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YUI Carousel Component (2.6.0)

On October 1, 2008 Yahoo! announced the release of YUI 2.6.0. This
release contained the official YUI Carousel component.

As you know, the intent of my carousel component was to fill in a gap in the YUI library. In 2006, I created the ycarousel component. Thankfully, many people have found it useful over the last 2 years.

Before I left Yahoo! in 2007, I spent some time with the YUI team,
discussed the ideas behind the way I approached my component, what I
liked about it and more importantly what I did not like about it :-)

The newly released YUI component shares some of the same
properties/api with my component but has been written from the ground
up. So I am excited about their
new carousel and encourage everyone to migrate to it instead of using
the carousel shown at this site.

The fact is you will get better support for their component. I am just
too busy with other projects to really support it the way I would like
and there is just no reason to cloud the space with two components
(even named similarly ;-)

You can find the new YUI Carousel component at the YUI library site.

The latest version of my carousel can be found at my site.


Anonymous said...

"In 2006 when I wrote the carousel there were some features in YUI
that are available now that weren't then."

That doesn't make any sense.

Bill Scott said...

Thanks. I struck that line... I was alluding (poorly) to some features of the YUI API that were the accepted practice then (Config) but are not now. So, my carousel does not use the best approach to handling properties. The YUI Carousel addresses that.

Sorry for the confusion.