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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Upcoming Talk: Designing for Interesting Moments @ IxDA 7/22

I am busy this weekend restructuring a talk I have given in the past that parallels my book. I will be restructuring the way I present the information as well as bring in new material. When I was at the Big D Design conference in Dallas in May I was really impressed by Stephen P. Anderson's presentation on the Art and Science of Seductive Interactions. Not only was the material helpful, but Stephen's take-aways and presentation organization were excellent as well.

Anyway I am looking forward to a fresh take on this topic. The talk will be titled Designing for Interesting Moments. I will be giving this same talk on 8/24 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond as well as at a Ruby Meetup group (event details in a followup blog posting).

If you can make it meet me at the Google Campus on Wednesday night, 7/22 at 7:30pm. Note: It will be in Seville which is in building 40, not building 43 as advertised!

By the way, I have embedded Stephen's talk (again not mine!) here for your enjoyment:

[Stephen P. Anderson's talk: The Art & Science of Seductive Interfaces]


Adolfo said...

Bill I was going to come to this but now can't make it. Is anyone going to tape it or something?

Bill Scott said...

I will be giving this same talk at the Ruby Meetup Group held at Carnegie Mellon.

Details here: