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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"50 Most Usable RIAs" on

Theresa just posted our article 50 Most Usable RIAs on O'Reilly's InsideRIA blog. The article provides fresh, new examples of the six principles outlined in our book Designing Web Interfaces.

As always feel free to use these examples in your own presentations or in communicating ideas in your organization.

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Raul Popa said...

First of all, I really love your work Bill and you're a real inspiration to us at SnackTools to do better performing UI.

Great list of RIA, thanks for sharing!

I have one off-topic question, did you see the Meebo Drag to Share feature? (I saw it on I'm pretty interested of what would you think about this feature and the way they build that. Would you advise this way of sharing for widgets?