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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Looking for "UI Engineer, Developer Experience"

Just one of the many places we are upping the game at PayPal is in our developer experiences. A few months back PayPal formed an Application Platform team. Part of its charter is to create great developer experiences as well as simple developer APIs. Deepak Nadig, the Technical Director of this team, is looking for two UI Engineers to work on exciting projects in this area. Here is part of the job description:
We are creating a world where ‘payments’ is synonymous with PayPal. The PayPal Application Platform is a suite of web services, which are used by internal and external developers to enable payments anytime, anywhere and anyway. The Application Platform is complemented by a comprehensive Developer Experience that enables these developers to find, learn and use these APIs effectively. The Application Platform processes billions of requests each month, and enables PayPal and its partners to rapidly innovate on new payment scenarios and enable new experiences. Therefore, the evolution of the Application Platform is integral to PayPal’s long-term strategy. 
As a UI engineer in our development experience team you will be responsible for the development and delivery of the web experience used by developers to find, learn and use our APIs. You will work closely with our product and experience and/or integration teams to understand the developer needs and deliver the experience that meets their needs.
 Please reach out to me directly if you are interested. bill.scott _AT_

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