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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Carousel Updates - Wrapping, Auto Animation, etc.

New update to the carousel component.

Now supports wrapping at content end as well as an autoplay feature. Read the docs to find out all the gory details. 4 or 5 new examples of what you can do with the carousel.

I have had several people request styling navigation differently or providing different types of navigation. Its important to realize that these concepts are externalized from the carousel to provide the most flexibility. The carousel is really just a content scrolling mechanism. As such one can simulate stock tickers, news carousels, scrolling lists, news tickers (as in gmail), slide shows, advertising carousels or even a module tab set.

Check out all the examples and docs at:


Chetana said...

This is awesome Bill. Love the simplicity with which you post the concept and demos...easy to go through and keep up the true spirit of evangelizing :-)


Anonymous said...

Bill, this is truly amazing. As more and more projects want to incorporate images in particular, but in a fluid and non-obtrusive (sp?) way, this is a very powerful tool indeed. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing tool. Thanks Bill. I am gonna use it. I used this to show thumbnails of an alubum and it works like a charm. I had to tweak a bit to show more than one photo in an item.

I have a question, how do I let carousel to show nth item at the startup itself. For eg., I have 20 thumbnails and I click 5th one. I want another carousel to show indiviaul photos but I want to start from 5th and I should be able to go back and forth.

Bill Scott said...


You can programatically set the first visible item by calling the moveTo(itemNum) method on the carousel. It will not animate the transition, but position itemNum to be the first item in the list (if possible... it will respect keeping the last item the last visible item).

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the immediate response. I am planning to use carousel for web gallery where I want to display more than one image per row in vertical format. It works in Firefox but doesn't work in IE.

Sample Page. If you click the above link in Firefox you should be able to scroll 3 pages down. But in IE it doesn't scroll the first time but on clicking second time it overlap with the previous page.

I am not sure whether the carousel can be used to display more than one content at a time.