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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Latest Talks, Upcoming Events

Had a wonderful opportunity speaking at BayCHI last night. Excellent turnout. The presentation material can be found here.

The highlight for me was hearing Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress talk about lessons he has learned in building a startup. Matt is only 22, but has the wisdom of a sage, is bright and incredible funny. Could have listened to him for hours. Also love to hear his "mom" stories :-)

I have a pretty full schedule over the next three months. Here is where I will be speaking:
  • 08.15 - MetaDesign. San Francisco (private)
  • 08.24 - O'Reilly Web 2.0 Summit. Sebastapol, CA (private)
  • 08.25-08.27 - O'Reilly Foo Camp. Sebastapol, CA (private)
  • 09.18 - Travelocity. Southlake, TX (private)
  • 09.19 - Federal Reserve Software Convention. Dallas, TX (private)
  • 09.25 - Rich Internet Conference. Paris, France
  • 09.28-29 - SHIFT Conference. Lisbon, Portugal
  • 10.02-10.04 - Ajax World Conference. Santa Clara, CA
  • 10.09-10.12 - UI11 Conference (Jared Spool). Cambridge, MA
  • 10.19 - Web Guild Conference. Mountain View, CA @ Google
  • 10.23-10.25 - The Ajax Experience. Boston, MA
Luke Wrobleski, Jenifer Tidwell and others are planning a panel at SXSW 2007 in Austin. Our panel is on Design Patterns: Defining & Sharing Web Interface Design Languages.

Please vote for our panel!! You can select up to 10 panels from the Panel Picker at the SXSW site.


Bill said...

I emjoyed your presentation at BayCHI. However, I have been perplexed by a term you used, as I have been unable to unearth a definition anywhere on the Web...

What is "Endless Scrolling"?

Bill Scott said...

Probably a better name would be "On-Demand Scrolling". The idea is to show a scrolled content area with a small subset of the data loaded (could be just the visible area or could be visible area with some extra buffer loaded.) Then when the user scrolls (by clicking scroll buttons or thumb area) new content is dynamically requested.

You can read about this technique at:

In this example I discuss search & a normal data table. It seems that it is less useful for search since "endless" scrollbars are hard to communicate to a user.