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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anti-Patterns: Talk at eBig 2008

Had a great time last night giving a talk at eBig, forum for Web Devs & Designers in Emeryville. Nice attendance. Lively discussion and great Q&A afterwards. You can find a PDF version of the talk online.

I continue to refine this talk on anti-patterns. The next time I present this is at Jared Spool's Web App Summit 2008 in Coronado Island, CA.

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Rashmi said...

No SlideShare version?


We should catch up sometime.

Anonymous said...

I concur that you need a Slideshare version - that way people can flip through it without downloading...btw, I found the link to the presentation from someone who Twittered about it today.

Anonymous said...

Bill - just wanted you to know that posted a link to your presentation on the Catalyze community at

Tom Humbarger, Community Manager