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Friday, February 08, 2008

Online Advertising Stunt

Pretty fun stunt. Clever use of animation. Kind of a Rube Goldberg effect.

Hema Promo Site

Try it out. It's for their main site Certainly something viral. I mean I'm blogging about a dutch catalog company store in the Netherlands!


marrije said...

Small correction: HEMA isn't actually a catalog company, it's a department store that now also has an online department. If you're ever in The Netherlands, you should definitely visit a HEMA. They are great, basis things-for-living stores, with everything from socks to stationery to bike-repair supplies. We're very proud of them and the HEMA stores are practically at every second street corner, ask any passer-by and they will gladly point them out to you.

And yes, lovely viral marketing thing :-)

Bill Scott said...

Cool! Thanks for the correction. I will update the article.

Anonymous said...

Been awhile since I've heard the name Rube Goldberg, since...8th grade art?