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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Talk: Interactive Prototyping with DHTML (Mix 09)

Gave a new talk this morning at Mix 09 here in Las Vegas. It seemed to resonate with the crowd so sharing it hopes that others find it helpful in their practice.

One note, I am a fan of rapid ideation which is often hard to do in DHTML. Sketching as Bill Buxton points out is an incredible way to do this. Both Flash Catalyst and Microsoft Expression Blend 2 (version announced this week) get us closer to this vision. But often we need to prototype directly in the technology of our web site (often DHTML). This talk works to point out ways to make this faster and more error free.

Talk Description

Prototyping can be challenging. Especially prototyping in DHTML. But over the last few years a number of tools, techniques, libraries and frameworks have emerged making the task easier. Drawing from years of experience at companies such as Yahoo! and Netflix, come hear Bill Scott discuss these solutions and best practices for laying out pages rapidly, injecting interactive behavior and simulating data for prototyping your Web applications in DHTML.


Anonymous said...

great stuff... need to figure out how to post audio with your slides!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. What I found intriguing about Flash Catalyst (when it was demoed to me about 18 months ago as Adobe Thermo) was that you could both export and import Flex files, which was not the case with Expression (you could only export the resulting XAML). I've not kept up with these tools since then, but it seems something of agile holy grail that a designer and developer might be able to work with different tools on the same codebase for the entire project. Is that now a reality or is it still a pipe dream?