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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hiring! Creative Director UX @ Netflix

We are looking for a Creative Director for our UX team! Are you the right person? Do you know someone who is? This is an amazing opportunity to lead an incredible team of designers and work in one of the best places to work.

Here is part of the description:

Netflix seeks a creative leader with bold ideas and the ability to deliver them – both on our website and on the TV user interface.

In order to lead our design team you will need strong training and background in interactive and graphic design. Consumer-based Internet experience is required, and, ideally, you have some TV UI experience as well. A passion for movies is also helpful.

You are interested in a company that feels and behaves like a big, successful startup -- that considers its $1 Billion DVD-by-mail business to be a warm-up act for delivering movies instantly to the TV.

Your job will be to continually improve the overall site experience. You will have a laser-like focus on making it easy for Netflix members to find and watch movies or tv episodes they will love.

For full details (and a cheat sheet for the interview) see the full job posting on the Netflix job site. You can also apply there.


Jason Gekeler said...

Just out of curiosity, how many developers does Netflix employ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill - is the CD UX role still open? I have a friend who they need to meet. Can you tell me who the HR contact is that's working on this search?


Eve -

Bill Scott said...

@Jason. For the main site we have somewhere close to 100 engineers (though that number is probably wrong... just my recollection).

@Eve. Yes the role is still open. Please ping me with potential candidates. Try b DOT scott AT yahoo "." com