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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big D Talk - 5/30/2009

Thanks to all that attended my talk in Dallas. What struck me the most is the vibrant community of designers, innovators and startup incubation that is growing locally in Big D. From my visit to CoHabitat in uptown Dallas to the Big D Conference itself I found the same conversation threads that I hear every day in Silicon Valley. Maybe it's the immediacy of information available now that brings us all closer. Or maybe the economy is driving lots of people into consulting and scrappy self-funded or low-funded startups. But it is refreshing to see it in action.

For those wanting the Big D version of the talk (slight variation on previous versions) you can get it from

An earlier version is available on Slideshare.


griff said...

I enjoyed your presentation at the big design conference. One slide slide about the shift to "stay in the page" triggered something I have been pondering lately. 3 years ago (and previous) I noticed that the best information architects came from library sciences. They were great at hierarchical relationships. Now with the movement to stay in the page and the flexibility meta data brings, I almost believe the hierarchical thinking to be a detriment. I find it fascinating that the basic skill set for a role has changed so fast.

Bill Scott said...

Yep. You nailed it. Also, designers from a print media have the same hurdle to overcome.

The Web page-to-page created a simplification in design that allowed us to focus on information architecture and visual design in the web space and really mature those 2 legs of the stool.

Now we have all three operating together! Let's hope for great interfaces going forward.