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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Designing for Ajax - Presentation

Update (07/24/06): You can now find my presentations at

Recently I have been giving a talk on Designing for Ajax. I have given the talk or variations of the talk at:
Tonight I had the opportunity to present this talk for the WebGuild hosted at Google and we had a nice turn out, lots of great questions and good discussion afterwards. The talk stems from a previous blog I wrote on Nine Tips for Designing Rich Internet Applications.

In the course of giving the talk I have now simplified it to 7 interactive design principles:
  • Keep it direct
  • Provide live feedback
  • Offer an invitation
  • Cross borders relunctantly
  • Create a light footprint
  • Show Transitions
  • Think in Objects
I do all of my presentations in Keynote, so to make it widely available and still contain all of the nice transitions and embedded sample movies I have encoded it as an interactive Quicktime movie file.

You can download a medium sized Quicktime version of the presentation here.

You should download it to your desktop as I don't want my host to have to suffer with streaming it. Also, the interactive (click to move through presentation) works better when downloaded.

The PDF version is also available here.

I will be giving this talk (or variations of the talk) in the next couple of months at:
  • CSU/Hayward (not open to public)
  • City College/SF (not open to public)
  • Oracle Brown Bag
  • Adobe/Macromedia Brown Bag
  • eBay Brown Bag
  • Adaptive Path/Austin
  • The Ajax Experience/SF
  • Adaptive Path/Amsterdam
  • SIGCHI.NL/Amsterdam
So enjoy. And hey and here is what I ask in return.
  • If you find other examples that illustrate the patterns I have in the presentation, feel free to
    • Tag the site in either or under the tag 'ypatternexample'. Add other tags as you see fit. Also, add a comment to tell how to see the feature or what your thoughts positive or negative are about this example
    • Or send me a link, snapshot or description via email at ajaxevangelist @ yahoo dot com
  • If you find good counterexamples, also tag them and not it in the comments.
As I understand it, the WebGuild will have a podcast available from the talk as well. So check their website for that update.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

ALE - Ajax Linking and Embedding

Just a quick note. Check out Zimbra's spec for ALE.

Its like OLE (Object Linking and Embedding in the Microsoft Office World-- the technology that allows you to embed excel docs in a word doc, etc.) Only ALE uses iframes that are ALE-enabled that can load ALE-aware components.

The applications for this are for richer blogs, wikis and personalized pages. It also seems applicable to apps like Writely to incorporate. Also it could be used in lieu of badges on blogs, allowing rich interaction to be embedded in a blog page.

I like the move to componentize functionality in the front end and make the back end service oriented. Makes for a clean architecture.

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