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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Theresa's List of Essential Books for User Interface Designers

Nice list from my co-author and cohort in design. Now I need to get my list together. But over half are on my list as well.

Essential Books for User Interface Designers

Monday, December 07, 2009

Netflix needs another Javascript Ninja

Ok, so this role does not report to me but reports into our excellent Customer Service Engineering organization. The engineering effort is for an internal application suite and not for the main web site. The role actually touches a lot more technologies than the main web site does and is a worthy feat for any ninja to take on. This is really a great opportunity!

Last year I was fortunate to snag Greg Murray (former Sun Ajax Evangelist/Architect) who has been happily working in this role. I now have a new challenge for Greg and need another ninja like him to take his current role. If you know Greg then you will understand the caliber of person I am looking for :-)

Here is the description that the hiring manager sent me.

Here are some of the qualifications we would like for becoming a Netflix customer service UI ninja,
  • Is passionate about designing and engineering great interfaces
  • Has solid experience designing & building enterprise web applications in a Web 2.0 manner
  • Has strong proficiency in server-side UI technologies (Java, Struts / GWT / Tapestry / JSP / JSF )
  • Has a solid background in simple software architecture and design as well as can communicate their solutions to the rest of the engineering team
  • Has experience working with distributed web services
  • Experienced with scaling / performance tuning of highly interactive web applications (understands both client and server ramifications)
Your job profile will probably include a good deal of experience with building user interfaces for advanced, non-consumer oriented sites.

You will be part of the Customer Services Engineering Team. You will be responsible for the presentation layers of all current and new customer service tools. Since much of the work is green field you will have the opportunity to help design the user experience as well as build the web applications. In addition, the Netflix UI framework that the site runs on is shared with these applications. As such you will help flesh out this framework as we go forward.

So what technologies would you be using?
  • HTML 5
  • CSSS including BluePrint CSS
  • JavaScript (custom components mixed with some libraries like jQuery)
  • Java
  • JSON
Nice to have experience with:
  • experience with a Perforce or related version control system (Git / SVN / CVS)
  • proficient in Photoshop
  • proficient in Eclipse / IntelliJ

Know anyone? Are you that person? If so contact me at bscott _AT_ netflix _DOT_ com and I will connect you with the hiring manager.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Upcoming Talk at Rich Web Experience

Speaking tomorrow at the Rich Web Experience in Orlando, Fl. I fly out tonight at midnight. Arrive at 10am, speak at 4pm. I promise to get some sleep on the plane so that I will be fresh for the talk! Fly out on Thurs evening. So if you see me there and I look a little spaced out -- you know why :-)

Talking on Designing for Interesting Moments. Hope to see you there.