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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rich Web Experience coming in December

Excited to be speaking at the Rich Web Experience Dec 1-4 in Orlando, Florida.

If you sign up before Nov. 2nd you can save $200. Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mental Note Cards - Stephen Anderson

I mentioned a great talk a while back by Stephen P. Anderson. In that talk Stephen teased us with a project he had started for capturing design principles/patterns in a deck of cards. The good news is you can actually pre-order a set now at a discounted rate! Already ordered mine.

Check it out at He also is offering a preview set of 7 cards in PDF format.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I am Hiring! Looking for a Ninja Web UI Engineer - Oct. 7th 2009.

New opportunity as of today (10/7/2009).

UPDATE: All Positions are currently filled!

I will add the official job posting later this week. But if you are interested please contact me at the email shown on the t-shirt.

NOTE: This is not a UX Design role. This is a UI Engineering role. Looking for very sharp DHTML engineers (you can bend Javascript, CSS & HTML to do your bidding) with a strong background in OOP (Some Java experience or other OOP is desired).

Update: Details can be found at the official posting on the Netflix jobs site.

Job opportunity at Togetherville for UI Web Dev

I am an Advisor for the startup

Togetherville is an early-stage, funded startup that is centered around ways for kids and parents to engage online. If you are excited about getting a ground-floor startup experience and are a sharp UI engineer then please contact Rajveer Singh Tut (raj _AT_ togetherville DOT com).

Here is the job posting.
Are you interested in using your web dev skills to change the world? Togetherville is building our founding tech team. This is your big chance to get into a very early startup and help build its foundation. We want someone who is tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and wants to take their skills and capabilities to the next level as a technology leader and company builder.

You will begin your Togetherville experience working alongside the stellar engineers at Pivotal Labs ( This will help you build your skills (and show them off) as we rapidly build out an amazing new way for kids and parents to engage online.
If you are somebody who has:
  • The skills/potential to build an amazing interactive social web environment
  • Strong experience with the LAMP stack
  • Comfort with Javascript/DHTML/CSS/AJAX
  • Strong collaborative skills and ability to work in multiple roles both locally and with offshore development teams
  • Experience with/ interest in Agile Software Development
  • Passion, Strong values, Likability, Intellect and Skill

Togetherville ( is an early-stage, funded startup that is sitting at the crossroads of learning, technology and society. Starting with our highly-respected and successful Funders and Advisors, we are building a team that is excited about getting a ground-floor startup experience and is capable of consistently meeting and exceeding the high expectations of success we have set for ourselves.

We are extremely passionate about what we’re doing and just as passionately looking for focused and fun people to join our team. We are not hung up how many years of experience you have. We’d rather start with your potential and what you can do and then go from there! If you think this job description was written with you in mind, contact us. We’ll tell you more about Togetherville, the job opening and the change we are making in the world!

Slot Machine Tabs (Needless Fanfare)

Ok, one more in this vein. Please indulge me as I find it humorous what abuses can be foisted on the user.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jumping Tabs (Needless Fanfare)

Another example of the Needless Fanfare anti-pattern. Do we really need tabs leaping up to meet your mouse?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Silicon Valley Code Camp Talk - DHTML Prototyping

For those at the Silicon Valley Code Camp (and anyone else :-) here is the talk from today. I added references that I mentioned to the end of the slides. Also I mentioned CSS Specificity via Star Wars. This is a great way to learn the rules for CSS Specificity. You can also download the PDF for a larger version here.