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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hiring in Austin

My team in PayPal Austin is hiring. We are looking for user interface engineers that can span the stack from node.js up to backbone.js. As part of the change we have been bringing to PayPal, our UIE teams partner closely with our design teams following the Lean UX methodology. And instead of just focusing on the HTML/CSS/JS client bits, we also work on the nodejs server bits as well. The process & tech stack allows us to move much faster than ever before.

We recently refocused the Austin team to own the experience as well as other aspects of the external and internal developer community. If you haven't check out recently, you should. New APIs, new experience, but much, much more coming. Come be a part of this team to take our developer experience to a completely new level.

Contact me @billwscott on all normal channels: twitter, gmail, linkedin, etc.

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