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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Upcoming Webcasts

On Tues, Feb. 3rd I will be presenting a short talk on Designing Web Interfaces as a webcast for O'Reilly. This talk is free and space is limited (and filling up fast), so if you are interested sign up now.

And a reminder on a completely different (brand new) talk I will be giving on Feb. 26th: Bringing Design to Life: What Every Designer Should Know about Interface Engineering. This talk comes out of my longtime experience bouncing between the design & engineering worlds and in particular lessons learned at Yahoo! and Netflix. This 60-minute webinar is initially available as a live class, and then is made available in a DRM-free recorded, edited format. By avoiding the travel required in attending a physical seminar or conference, you save money and reduce your impact on the environment. You are free to watch the webinar with colleagues in a conference room, making for an even better value. The cost is only $129.

Details here:


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. I just registered for "Designing Web Interfaces," but the signup form wouldn't let me leave much detail about topics I wanted to hear. (How's that for irony? Even displaying the permissible character count would have helped.)

Here's what I tried to say:

Scaling the site to different audiences — screen sizes, multimedia/JavaScript support, degree of technoliteracy, visitor goals (gathering immediate information vs. saving or linking to information for future exploration).

Planning information hierarchies and guiding visitors through the actions you want them to take.

Optimizing the site based on monitoring how visitors react.

Mapping control inputs such as the scroll wheel to useful functions.

Widget literacy: What are the recommended shapes and colors for onscreen controls?

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Mama Snow said...

Hey I was joining in those post about the feedburners issues with subscribers and so forth. I noticed you said you switched your over to a google account and it works. I think I did this but nothing has changed. Would you mind going through the steps or helping me know how I can tell if I have already done this? This is all so over my head as to what is going on and it is impossible to find answers on feed burner.
Anyway is you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Bill Scott said...


These are all excellent talking points!

Unfortunately in an hour it is hard to cover too many topics in detail. And this talk is specifically focused on the approach I took in the book.

The talk will focus on "rich interactions" and numerous patterns & principles that I have found very useful in defining detailed interactions.

It does not deal with the "process" of design or "technical implementations". It does touch on visitor goals, guiding visitors through actions, and widget/interaction literacy.

It does not touch on specifics of javascript, optimizing the site based on monitoring user (although this can be inferred from "react immediately"), or mapping controls to the scroll wheel.

Bill Scott said...


Yes, I was getting zero count on the designingwebinterfaces feed (but not here!)

I simply clicked on the link to my google account, let it migrate over.

Then, I went to Stats widget page to grab the new HTML (references feeds2 instead of feeds) and placed that into the blog template.

Bill Scott said...


One other odd item. Even though all of the help shows that you should have a site stats dashboard -- it is gone!

You have to use Google Analytics for site stats and feedburner for subscriber stats.

Kind of clunky. Means you have to put google analytics code before close body tag instead of the feedburner stuff in your post.

Austin said...

I missed [by a day] the webcast. Can oreilly make it available on demand??