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Monday, February 02, 2009

Netflix Sr. Web UI Engineering Position - Open Feb. 2 2009

NOTE: This position is filled!

Netflix - Sr. Web UI Engineer

As the new year has rolled around we realize that there are so many things happening and in the works that it makes sense to add a Sr. Web UI Engineer to our main Web site team. Ever wanted to work at Netfix? Do you have awesome frontend engineering skills? Love to implement great user experiences? Then this is the role for you!

You can read all about it on the Netflix Jobs site or apply for the position on the LinkedIn posting. Or if you want contact me directly at b dot scott which is at yahoo dot com.


Anonymous said...

What are "frontend engineering skills"? Not heard that one before...

Bill Scott said...


At Yahoo! web developers are called frontend engineers. They are involved with all of the development for a web site that the user sees (hence the frontend) vs. backend engineers that deal with writing web services, database programming/access, algorithmic work (like recommendation systems, etc.)

I use the terms: Web UI Engineer, frontend engineer and sometimes webdev. However webdev is way overloaded. At Netflix a Web Engineer is the backend engineer concept from yahoo and my Web UI Engineers are really frontend engineers (or webdevs) in Yahoo! terminology.

Even more confusing is what it means to be a Web UI Engineer/Frontend Engineer or WebDev in different organizations. At Netflix the focus is on generating the page (JSP/Struts/Tiles) and rendering the page (usually HTML/CSS) and managing user interactions (CSS/Javascript).

Anonymous said...

So how do front end engineers different from web designers then?