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Friday, April 13, 2007

Upcoming Talks - Mid Year 2007

Mix'07 in Vegas
Looking forward to Vegas! I was fortunate to be invited by the friendly folks from Microsoft to give a talk about rich web design at Mix' 07. Should be a great event. My good friend Luke Wroblewski will be there speaking as well. Hope to see some of you there on April 30. Looks like it is already a sold out event :-)

The Ajax Experience & The Rich Web Experience
Last year I thoroughly enjoyed my "experience" at the Ajax Experience. Both the San Francisco & Boston events were put on by the folks at ajaxian as well as the folks from nofluffjuststuff. It made for some great speakers and attendees.

It appears that the nofluffjuststuff folks are putting on a new event, The Rich Web Experience which will be from July 30 - August 1 in San Jose, CA. Just the week before The Ajax Experience will debut at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, CA and is sponsored by the ajaxian dudes. Since I have great respect for both groups I will be speaking at both events.

Look for two new talks that I am in the midst of developing.

Anti-Patterns - Designing for a Poor Web Experience.
Sometimes it is most instructive to look at design patterns in reverse-- as a set of anti-patterns. In this new talk, I will explore the common mistakes that designers & developers make when attempting to craft a rich web experience. I'll also be using counter-examples from consumer facing web sites (both inside & outside of Yahoo!) as well as from enterprise web applications to illustrate the right way to design.

Prototyping the Rich Web Experience - Experiments in creating an Ajax framework for prototyping
How do you communicate the design for a rich web experience? Since there is no one tool, designers have used the tools at hand: Photoshop, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Fireworks, ImageReady, Visio, OmniGraffle, and so on. However, prototyping provides the best way to fully understand & test the nuance of detailed interactions. The problem is that it is difficult to find someone who is both good at design & prototyping. In this talk, I will first survey the tools & techniques for communicating rich design and then propose a simplified Ajax library that makes most behaviors and interactions declarative via CSS styles or by simple declarative style programming. I will then walk through how to quickly prototype the most common patterns with the library. The prototyping library will be available for download at the time of the conference session.

Hope to see you at one of these events.

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Emil said...


I'm really interested in the prototyping library you mention! Looking forward to reading about "Anti-Patterns" and "Prototyping the Rich Web Experience". Any slides and documentation is interesting to me since i won't be able to attend any of the events mentioned...