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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interview: What Developers Wish Designers Understood

Lou Rosenfeld interviewed me on the topic "Bringing Design to Life: What Every Designer Should Know About Interface Engineering". This is a really interesting subject and gets to the heart of how to get engineering and design teams to work together better.

The interview gives you some of the points I will cover in my upcoming webinar on the same topic (Feb. 26th, 10AM PST/1PM EST).

Also there is a short video presentation (about 7 minutes) that provides a sneak peek into the webinar presentation.

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Bo & Jan Lora said...


I totally agree with the things you said in your interview. I believe the solution is actually not very complex. Its a matter of communication.

What happens when a developer is handed a stack of comps, wireframes, content documents, requirements and flow diagrams is akin to the experience of the Tower of Babel.

Then add the testers who have to look at the same documents and develop their own interpretation of what the developers are supposed to do and you have the perfect recepie for change controls, defect meetings and shooting down scope.

Anonymous said...

hey Bill,

great interview! This topic is much of my talk at mix is about... and was excited to see I was on your same wave length. With the wpf/silverlight stack this gets even more crucial, its one thing to not have communication between the static and dynamic, but instroduce the concept that designers are editing living breathing code (xaml)... and it becomes even more crucial.

Bill Scott said...

@Mike. Thanks. Wish I could have made your talk but had conflicts. I am a fan of Cynergy's work.

Bill Scott said...


Yep. Communication is the secret sauce. And when developers and designers realize that this is an important part of their job it changes the mix. It is not enough to do great design you have to collaborate, evangelize, clearly communicate, etc. All the soft people skills.