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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

O'Reilly Designing Web Interfaces Webcast Available

I presented Designing Web Interfaces on the O'Reilly Webcast today. Almost 1400 people signed up and the actual attendance hit 862. We set the record for an O'Reilly webcast :-) And we had overwhelmingly positive responses to the talk. If you liked the talk & the material then I think you will enjoy the book.

If you did not hear the webcast, check out the slideshare presentation below. It will give you the best flavor for what our book is about (keep in mind much more is in the book with lots more details and guidelines).

The audio will be available in a week or so. Look for a post here when I get the audio to share.


Evan K. Stone said...

I'm sorry I missed this webcast, but I hope there will be more in the future. I'm looking forward to the audio portion since the slides look very informative!

Dave Briccetti said...

I love the book, Bill. Thanks! I’m reading it on Safari Books Online. (I hope you get a piece of that action.)