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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oodles of Screencasts Available for Designing Web Interfaces Book

Last Friday night I uploaded about 390 interaction movies (screencasts). I have been collecting examples (good and bad) that illustrate various patterns and finally took the time to get them out on the Flickr Designing Web Interfaces site.

Details can be found on the Designing Web Interfaces blog.


Anonymous said...

This seems like a random collection of images and videos. Doesn't look good or work well.

st said...

Nice work and nice movies. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

awesome... thanks for doing this!

Unknown said...

Wow! 390 Screencasts !?!?

That must have been a bit of work.

Thanks for sharing Bill!

I look forward to checking out this accompaniment to your excellent book.

Jerry Barnes

Bill Scott said...


Actually the screencasts aren't random. Each is organized into a specific group of patterns (14 groups of patterns that correspond to my book).

What is lacking is adding a caption to all 390+ videos and tagging them. Believe that is on my todo list. But as you can imagine that is not a small task. As soon as I can I will get around to that as well.

The actual screenshots on the flickr site are completely tagged (with specific patterns -- 70+ altogether), organized into pattern groups.

My only guess is you did not visit the collections page to see the hierarchy. I can't help that the Flickr home page shows the photostream which can be seem disorganized.

The collections page is at: